Jessica Elizabeth

17 ♥
Puerto Rican&Italian
My family is my life and i love them to death.
Im a Dancer<3
i say what i want ; like it or not .
Instagram: jessicaelizabeth_9
Twitter: soinXloveOwithu

A man only gets jealous when he knows another man can treat his girl better.

I honestly feel disgusting for eating that Ice cream 😖

With everything going on I just can’t handle it anymore.. Would anyone even notice or care if I were to end it all right now?!

I CANT FUCKING DO THIS ANYMORE. this is just hurting me even more… Do you not see what you’re doing is absolutely killing me ?! You’re with her but still want to act like were still together when we hang out??? I think I just need space & time to hang out with my friends.. It’s clear I can’t depend on you anymore& I never should have had to.. I have way to much shit to be dealing with I cannot deal with being brought down even more by this… I’ve never wanted to burn so bad in my life but I made a promise to you & I don’t intend on breaking my promise unlike you.


Turning on the person you love and making them moan is actually the biggest turn on ever.

He completely destroyed me do you not understand that ?! & you doing this & putting me through this shit is making it 10x worse.. You don’t want to be with me? That’s your decision not mine but atleast give me the time to distance myself because it’s what’s best for me, I can’t deal with hearing the things you say & then having to think about if it’s even true because what you are saying & your actions are showing two completely different things.. I’m just hurt, confused, overwhelmed with everything I’m dealing with & I just want to be ALONE.

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